Monday, October 5, 2009

Monster: One who inspires horror or disgust.

I am reading an article on the psychology of how we learn. An example was given of baby monkies whose tendency is to cling to a surrogate 'mother' who is cloth covered over a surrogate 'mother' which is made from wire. At a certain point, the monkey bonds with the surrogate and this bond is so strong that when that 'mother' appears to reject, mistreat or display other forms of cruelty towards its offspring, the baby monkey still clings. The monster mother can do no wrong.
What does that say? Why, as adults, do we continue to embrace our family members if they are cruel. As adults, shouldn't we be able to understand the difference?
Is the realisation that we must reject cruelty even when it comes from our own people, our own tribe so abhorant to us? Because to reject our own leaves us truly alone in the world?
Can I tell you, I would rather be alone.
Just putting it out there.

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