Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gratitude: Thankfulness; appreciation.

I am grateful for my brain. That it can reason through university texts on gender and human development and history.
I am grateful for my body. That it can walk and stretch and see and breathe and digest and eliminate and pump blood and taste and smell.
I am grateful for my heart. That it can love and forgive.
I am grateful for my family, friends, students and colleagues.
I am grateful for my adopted country and my country of birth and for the fragile blue planet we inhabit.
I am grateful for the time in which I live and all the lessons it offers.
I am grateful for all of the little animals who have kept me company from Duffy to Mary, and, I am so very grateful for my tiny dog, who is the epitomy of love.
I am grateful for the courage I possess and for the travels I have embarked upon; for my philosophy of life and for my sense of what is right for me.
I am grateful for art and beauty.
I am grateful for my professors, past and present; for my mentors.
I am grateful for being grateful. For every smile and big laugh. For every dream and dreamer. For this day. For believing. For my life.

One year ago I was starting school. Now I have 26 credits and a 4.0. I am grateful.