Sunday, February 21, 2010

Assistant: Giving aide. Auxillary.

Our Spanish T.A., Teacher's Assistant, is in Monterey, California and has an Argentine accent. His 'yo' sounds like 'zsho' and every Saturday at 6pm my time, 12 pm in New York and 9 am on the West Coast, he leads us in 45 blissful minutes of oral practice: hablamos en espanol!!!!!

This weekend my Human Development paper was on designing a preschool program for three to five year olds! Heaven. Writing 1800 words on the perfect beginning for little people in a loving, healthy, inspirational world where art and music and yoga are as important as maths and geography and computer science was so much fun! Right down to the very detail of wooden floors, a vegetable garden and wind vane in the back and the foot flush toilet (to avoid germs!)!!!!


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