Sunday, November 29, 2009

Equality = The state of being equal.

=equality, what a concept

I have been doing research into my comparison period in history class where I will compare my assigned period of 'The Colonies and American Revolution' with that of another period of my choice, in this case, 'TheCold War, Suburnisation and the Sixties' , and came upon this primary source again:

History and Politics Out Loud

It is really cool to listen to some of those audio files.

I could not help but noting the only woman's voice was this entry:

Eileen McCann, Canadian Folksinger

Her song, "Too Stupid For Democracy" is quite amusing. If you are in the mood, take a listen.

I know why women are missing from this audio history site, I do. But it is still disturbing. Disturbing. And I think it is further testiment to the lack of voice given to women historically.

Recently I watched a program called "The World Debate" on BBC World entitled 'Women, The Boost Business Needs?'

The panel discussed the value of women in positions of power in government and business and the importance of investing in education and health care for women around the world. Indra Nooyi, the President of PepsiCo, USA (an Indian woman) said that when government gives opportunity to only 50% of the population, it is like a car that only uses two wheels instead of four- it doesn't run well and never reaches its potential.

Something to think about.


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