Tuesday, September 8, 2009


ok, so this is my flow of consciousness exercise in freestyle writing because even if school officially starts next monday, the online course sylabus - ok how do you spell syllabus - was available yesterday so i sat down and started. STARTED. STARTED to STUDY. i am freaking out. honestly freaking. my mind is so lazy, i mean i read vogue, for crumb sake. yes, i read the new york times (hey, there is the new adobe 2.0 times reader and it is awesome) and i love classic literature and my favourite writer is edith wharton but when i read that stuff there is nothing a stake!!!!!

ok, so breathe and remember that this first course, intro to college reading and writing, is exactly what i need to build the foundation necessary to face the next four or five years (!) and i am going to be ok. i just need to focus.

oh, yeah, how do you focus? i look at the pages and i get confused. i am confused already!

i am not going to have a nervous breakdown. (don't worry folks, this blog entry is based on reality but i am using comic relief for affect.)

ok, so, i have my study time set up and i am so excited about my books and i am facing the music. it is time to rock. ROCK.

Rock and Breathe. now, GO!

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