Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aid: To help or furnish with support or relief.

This is a uniquely American story: In 1994 I married my live-in boyfriend of 12 years for health insurance. Yes, for health insurance. He had it and I didn't. It seemed like a very good idea to me at the time. Now, all these years later I am still married to this person but I do not know where he is so when it came time to apply for financial aid to return to school, I had this little problem. Though I had tried, unsuccessfully, to get a legal separation several years ago, I was still legally married even though I haven't seen my boyfriend (I never liked the word 'husband') since 2001 and I had to somehow prove to the Federal Government that I am financially independent. Unable to call said ex-boy as a witness, I sent a letter pleading my case. Last week I was awarded my aid money. YEAH. YIPEE. YAHOO.

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